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27 december, 2018
Going it alone is less formidable – partnerships bring strength and direction

The retailing sector has been under immense pressure from consumers and digitalisation has moved customer yardsticks to a new level. Few companies.. Läs vidare »

16 november, 2018
Lift new holidays to greater heights

Everyone loves to celebrate! Holidays always mean concentrated consumption and increased spending during the peak period rather than steady spending over the.. Läs vidare »

3 oktober, 2018
Own brand products and strong brands winners in the wake of digitalisation

The digital grocery trade, with algorithms and voice assistants at the forefront, is in the process of fundamentally reshaping the battle for.. Läs vidare »

24 augusti, 2018
Retail’s sharing economy – shared personnel are double personnel

As retailing encounters an increasingly complex and competitive world, demands on personnel and their skills are increasing at the same rate. Even.. Läs vidare »

23 maj, 2018
Store as the best marketing channel

For quite some time, the primary aim of stores has been to entice consumers to buy products at the store. From originally.. Läs vidare »

13 april, 2018
No more packages from China?

Digitalisation has changed the retailing playing field both globally and politically. Today, it’s as easy for consumers to buy goods online from.. Läs vidare »

16 mars, 2018
Will unmanned stores mean fewer store employees?

Avoiding queues to the cashier at the same time that the store avoids having to employ cashier staff may seem like an.. Läs vidare »

15 februari, 2018
How far will tomorrow’s consumers be prepared to travel to shop?

Consumers have seemingly always been prepared to travel long distances to shop. As e-commerce continues to advance, large shopping centres risk finding.. Läs vidare »

15 december, 2017
New purchase habits show through in the Christmas rush

The Christmas month of December has long been a time of shopping fever. Year after year, Christmas shopping breaks new sales records,.. Läs vidare »

27 november, 2017
Sustainability in retail traders’ everyday workings — profitability through small-scale measures; use the store more!

Sustainability is a matter of taking the environment and people into consideration to the greatest extent possible, and at the same time.. Läs vidare »

20 oktober, 2017
The service industry takes over when retailers retreat in city centres

Some 90 percent of the Swedish population lived in rural areas 200 years ago. Today, around 85 percent live in an urban.. Läs vidare »

11 juni, 2017
Mine, yours, ours!

HUI Research recently presented a report on the developing sharing economy, together with Tieto. The retail sector is currently experiencing one of.. Läs vidare »

5 maj, 2017
Profitability in clothing retail

Clothing retail had a strong year in 2015. The annual growth of 5.9 per cent was primarily due to increased sales volume,.. Läs vidare »

10 april, 2017
Retail Everywhere!

Apple launched the first iPhone in 2007. Ten years later the mobile phone has become an obvious part of our everyday lives,.. Läs vidare »

13 mars, 2017
Research into the growth of etailing in 2016

More and more purchases are being made online – at the expense of bricks and mortar retailing Online stores are rapidly gaining.. Läs vidare »

9 februari, 2017
Food online – how much and how quickly?

The digital grocery shopping dream has existed a long time. Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) were part of e-commerce’s early days, but as.. Läs vidare »

23 december, 2016
Few public holidays during Christmas – how will this impact retail?

The Christmas and New Year period will be an industrious one this year since there will be very few days of public.. Läs vidare »

2 december, 2016
Future requirements for expertise in retail

Retail is in a constant state of flux whereby format and form are updated on a continuous basis. The changes affect the.. Läs vidare »

25 oktober, 2016
Shopping centre trading is growing

The Swedish Shopping Centre Directory (SSCD) is a regular annual survey of the Swedish shopping centre sector. To quality for entry, shopping.. Läs vidare »

21 september, 2016
Record number of municipalities increased retail sales during 2015

Swedish retail sales in 2015 flourished in almost all of the municipalities in the country. Both household purchasing power and the Swedish.. Läs vidare »

1 september, 2016
Services are the future of retail

We live in a society that is increasingly characterised by services. This is not least evident in that households are using an.. Läs vidare »

1 augusti, 2016
What can the enterprise sector learn from Airbnb and Über?

The enterprise sector is facing many challenges in both the short and the long term. Profitability, globalisation and digitalisation are just some.. Läs vidare »

5 juli, 2016
What do smartphones mean for the purchasing process?

Digitalisation has invited the retail sector to a new dance. A dance where it is no longer companies but consumers that lead… Läs vidare »

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