Welcome to Storesupport

Storesupport is Sweden’s leading service and staffing provider for the retail industry. Regardless if you need staffing, outsourcing of services or recruiting, we have the experience, expertise and solutions to meet your requirements.

As a service and staffing provider for the retail industry, we have been active since 2000 and know from experience what customers, as well as consultants, demand and require. Through our four lines of business, we can deliver services and staffing to every part of the retail chain, irrespective of it being warehousing, logistics, e-commerce or sales of durable goods or fast-moving consumer goods. Regardless of background, we recruit the best people for the retail business based on competence, commitment and suitability. A large digital reach, in combination with modern and active scanning of the job market, gives us decisive capacity within recruiting and sourcing. Those are important components, which provide us with the means to find the right employees and consultants for the right assignments.